Friday, 14 November 2014

Ok, here we go again!

Well after a really rubbish couple of months or so, where chocolate and coke became a staple in my diet, I went back to WW.  I am determined not to end up back where I was just because of things at work and home that are making me feel bad.  I need to find another way of coping rather than turning to food.  Perhaps I should start smoking again, start drinking or get hold of some non-prescription

Anyway, the scales told me I had put on about a stone and a half.  This week, so far, I have pointed EVERYTHING that has gone in my mouth.  I am going to restart C25k too once I get back to where I was.  There is no way I would run at the moment.  Far to many bits would be bouncing! 

Monday, 11 August 2014

Couch to 5k

Now for anyone who has been reading this blog, you know that I weigh round about 18st (or around 250lb for US readers).

AGES ago, I said I was starting the Couch to 5K but I never did anything other than download the podcast for it.  Anyway today with Luke's nagging support, I decided to do the first day. For the first week you repeat the same podcast 3 times with a day's rest in between each session.  I haven't run, for anything, in around 18/19 years.  In fact me and exercise are arch enemies!

So what did 'Laura' the C25K instructor think I was able to do as a couch potato who never does any exercise.  Well she had this bright idea that I could do a brisk 5 minute warm up where I walked for 5 minutes (fast enough to make me out of breath).  Then she thought I could 'run' for 60 seconds and then walk for 90 seconds, 7 times followed by a final 60 second run and a 5 minute walk to cool down.  And do you know what? I only flaming did it!!!!  Now I know as marathon running or whatever goes, many people would laugh their socks off but I am so damn proud of the fact I actually managed to 'run' for every single one of the intervals.

Luke provided motivation just by being there although he did make me laugh when he started in a different corner to me and said that I had to stay ahead of him.  I pointed out he would have to run a lot slower for that happen.  We went over the caged sports area which is relatively secluded but I was still worrying that someone in one of the houses was watching, or worse still recording it to stick on YouTube!!

So it may have taken me a lot longer than anticipated to get round to it but I have finally started!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Weigh In - 28.7.14

I feeeel happyyyyy...

Another 2.5lb gone (for good, fingers crossed!)

Colin has taken the children to his mum and dad's and I have had 3 days of 'deep cleaning' in the house.  I suspect that has helped get such a fab weight loss this week.  I have had a few off days this week and wasn't expecting to lose more than half a pound and of course 'that time' is almost upon me too, never good for losing weight!

So that 2.5lb has taken me back under 18st by a pound and sees me only 4.5lb off getting back to where I was before my 7 or 8 month blip!  Yay!!!!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Weigh In 21st July 2014

Woooohoooo!!!  Another 3lbs off this week.  Really pleased as it was a hard week with it being the last week of school.  There was enough cakes, biscuits and other crap in the staff room to feed a small country for a week thanks to people leaving, retiring and thanking us for whatever they were thanking us for.  I managed to avoid a colleague's retirement buffet by taking charge of the washing up instead.  How sneaky is that?

Anyway I am feeling well chuffed with myself this week because of that.

Luke has written me a new sign this week and put it on the bread and biscuit cupboard reminding me that if I lose 1.5lbs this week I will be on 18st.  Once I get under that, I seem to struggle, so I will be very grateful for any cheer-leading from you all this week.

Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me. xx

Monday, 14 July 2014

WI 14th July 2014

After a good week, I lost 3.5lbs which I am pleased with.  I have managed to eat around 7-10 portions of fruit and vegetables each day for 5 days this week.

I have also signed up for Swimfit which is a free swimming programme with workouts for you to follow.  I am starting with the 'Health' programme and my session 1 will see me:

  • swim for 3 minutes using any stroke to warm up
  • hold a float in front and kick using any stroke for 4 lengths
  • swim 8 lengths using any stroke
  • swim for 2 minutes using any stroke as a cool down.
Apparently the equipment I need to take with me is - a costume, towel and goggles.  A costume?  Seriously? I'm so glad they told me that one!

The session is apparently going to take 15 minutes - yeah right!

The question is though, with my current fitness levels do I repeat session 1 until I can do it in 15 minutes or do I do that and then move on to the next session?  Some sessions are really hard and if I move too quickly, I may not be able to cope with them.

Sunday, 6 July 2014


I have fallen by the wayside, but NO MORE!

I weighed myself earlier today and found I was back up to 18st 8lb.  I am NOT going up any more.

So tomorrow I will

  1. Track everything that goes in my mouth.
  2. Go to WI EVERY week, whether or not I have had a good week.
  3. Only have a bar of chocolate if I have first had 2 pieces of fruit (note to self - 2 grapes don't count!)
  4. Not beat myself up if I have a bad day and a bad day doesn't need to carry on all week!!!!!
  5. Track everything that goes in my mouth!!!!!
The school holidays start in about 10 days so I will not have the stress of work which is an excuse at the moment.  Healthy eating will be so much easier.

So wish me luck as you wave my weight goodbye!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Oh so good!

As readers of my cross stitch blog will know, in fact probably be bored to the back teeth with, I am almost at the end of my degree.  11 days and counting, if we are being exact!  This means I am furiously writing my final assignment.  However, when I write assignments I like to have a selection of chocolate to hand to aid the thought process.  Clearly that was not going to be an option for this one though so I got the next best thing.  A huge plate of fruit.  It was, grapes, raspberries, strawberries and I added a banana after I took this photo.  (Would rather have had the chocolate though in all honesty).

In the background is a little water bottle which has our first sweet peas in.  Sweet peas?  In May?  In the UK?  Unheard of!

Well tomorrow is WI and I am not expecting a good week.  My periods are normally every 17 days but this time I went 24 days.  I have felt bloated and horrible all week so have stayed away from a sneaky peek.  I know that if I look and I have put any on that I will just say sod it for the week and eat for England instead! So it's fingers crossed for tomorrow!